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 Black Male Initiative 
 Understanding Infections 
 AIDS Awareness 
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 Prostate Cancer 

Please take time to watch the prostate cancer video. Project Brotherhood does provide prostate cancer and colorectal cancer screening.

Cocaine & Cervical Cancer

 Dr. Edward Hook - Genital Infections & Circumcision 

According to Dr. Thomas C. Quinn, in his interview on the subject of male circumcision and gonorrhea, it is important males be circumcised.  A study was conducted on men in Sub-Sahara Africa, where it was concluded scientifically that men should be circumcised.  Circumcision can lower the risk factor for sexually transmitted infections and HIV/AIDS to the male as well as reducing disease transmission to their female partner.

Men as well as women need to be aware that cancer cells can be found in the foreskin of the penis. Also the foreskin is a contributor of harboring the HPV and Herpes virus. If infections are not treated properly they can spread up the penile shaft and cause more damage to the genital area. Please listen to the entire interview to find out more information.

 The BLACK Male Initiative 

Black Male Initiative projects are located in colleges and universities accross American and are designed for academic excellence for black male students.  Most programs are developed with strategies to assist young black men with living and learning skills in their communities, leadership training, and academic courses while offering lectures and promoting conference participation. Their are many challenges that young black men face in America and one aspect that is needed in these initiatives are components of self discipline and self preservation of health. One of the best ways that the young black man can develop self disciple is through the knowledge of communicable diseases and how it effects their bodies, causes stress on the economics of the community and diminishes the break down of the family structure. The information on this page lists some of the diseases that are becoming rampant in communities of colour and what some organizations such as Project Brotherhood, located in Chicago, Illinois are doing to assist black men with these challenges.

 Men Around the Globe 
This information can be utilized around the globe for men suffering with prostate cancer, men who want to understand why circumcision is important in areas such as Mexico, Canada, Venezuela, Columbia, Brazil, Boliva, Chile, Argentian, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Algeria, Libya, Egypt, Mali, Niger, Chad, Sudan, Ethopia, Nigeria, DR Congo, Kenya, Tanzania, Angola, Nambia, Botswana, South Africa, Madagascar, Australia, Thailand, Sweden, and Japan.
 Black Men's Clinic 
 Clinic Services 

Project Brotherhood

A Black Men's Clinic

6337 S. Woodlawn Ave.

Chicago, IL  60637


Thursday Evenings

 4 p.m. - 7 p.m.

Health Care Services

HIV/AIDS Screening

Prostate & Colorectal Cancer Screening

Resume' Preparation

Rights Of Pasage Ceremony

Parenting Classes

Job Readiness

Free Transportation





 Free Haircuts 
 Video Interview 

The following video takes you inside the clinic for black men called Project Brotherhood. Dr. Pete Thomas and staff discuss the clinic's set up for better health care for the black male.
 Dr. Whitaker Interview 

The following video takes in you inside the Illinois Department of Public Health, where Dr. Whitaker discusses his health care initiatives for the state of Illinois.

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